Wednesday, January 26, 2011

False Ecumenism: Reunification with the Roman Catholic Church

"We are well aware, however, that we are still far from that unity for which Christ prayed and which we find reflected in the portrait of the first community of Jerusalem," the Pontiff acknowledged. "What we long for is that unity for which Christ himself prayed and which by its nature is manifested in the communion of the faith, of the sacraments, of the ministry." Though Christians are still far from the unity that Jesus prayed for at the Last Supper, resignation and pessimism are a lack of trust in the Holy Spirit's power, says Benedict XVI.  "Our duty," he said, "is to continue passionately on the path toward this goal with a serious and rigorous dialogue to deepen the common theological, liturgical and spiritual patrimony; with reciprocal knowledge, with the ecumenical formation of the new generations and, above all, with conversion of heart and prayer."
                                                      Pope Benedict XVI, Jan. 25, 2010

Comment: Apparently Pope Benedict continues to long for unification of the Church under Rome. Although the Church blindly associates with the Pope, there will always be some troublesome things wrong with the Roman Catholic church. For instance, do you see the headgear in this picture above? It is nothing more than the old Philistine Dagon Fish Mitre [headgear]; the fish god which was thoroughly destroyed by God (Judges 16:23; 1 Samuel 6:1-7). 

Pictured to the right is the Goddess Cybele in her Dagon Mitre, sprinkling holy water. Cybele was worshiped in Rome and was called the great queen mother goddess. The term, "Queen Mother Goddess" is directly equivalent to the accursed Pagan "Queen of Heaven" (Jer 7:18; Jer 44:17, 25). It is very likely that the Virgin Mary may have been taken from the Goddess Cybele. It is also important to note that she was followed by a priesthood of castrated males. [1][2][3]

The location of the Basilica of Saint Peter, is very close to the former site of Cybele's main temple. Vatican City is northwest of the Tiber River and is not one of the Seven Hills of Rome. The Temple of Cybele was  on the Palatine Hill in Rome. Palatine Hill is the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. The Basilica is opposite to the traditional seven hills of Rome, which is in the confines of Rome.

Rome has long been viewed as Babylon. Catholic apologist Karl Keating admits that Rome has long been known as Babylon. Keating claims that Peter's statement "The church here in Babylon ... sends you her greeting" (from I Peter 5:13) proves that Peter was writing from Rome. He explains further: "Babylon is a code word for Rome. [4]

Roman Catholic Church today ceaselessly seeks to bring all mankind under its control.