Friday, September 10, 2010

The NAR, Freedom Federation, & the Tea Party Movement

Several Religious Right organizations came together in April 2010, at Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church for an event titled The Awakening. It was sponsored by the Freedom Federation, a group of the nation's largest multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-generational faith-based and policy organizations representing more than 30 million Americans united by core values.

They united for the purpose of supporting for the pro-life movement, traditional marriage, and for religious liberties. They have joined together for the same purpose as stated on the Manhattan Declaration. As far as I can determine, each of the participants are a part of the ecumenical movement. I say this because the ecumenical movement aims to unify the Protestant churches of the world and ultimately of all Christians. The conference participants also supports Dominion/Kingdom Now Theology, which removes the separation between church and state.

Although the conference was held at a Baptist facility, there were Christians of varied backgrounds represented - some of which would be considered heretical in their beliefs. The Freedom Federation featured a mixture of “Rick Joyner, Ken Blackwell,
 Tony Perkins, Richard Land, Cindy Jacobs, Ergun Caner,
 Wendy Wright, Lou Engle, Samuel Rodriguez, and many more
 Christian cultural leaders.” This line-up of speakers was apparently planned for some time because Cindy Jacobs, along with the other self-anointed self-appointed “apostolic elders” of the New Apostolic Reformation, were present.
 Apostle Cindy Jacobs speaking as Dr. Richard Land from the Southern Baptist Conventions listens.

The Tea Party Movement
In October 2009, the NARs prophets and apostles predicted a “Third Great Awakening” would take place in 2010. They also “prophesied” their involvement in the rising Tea Party Movement, which they claim is the formation of "a new third political party."
Over the next years in the United States there will be a new third political party that will arise. The Lord is preparing His leadership for this party that will come out of the citizens of the United States groaning under the corruption of the old guard. Many leaders are being tested and tried in the fire right now who will take leadership in due time, for it will begin not so much as a political party but a movement. The movement will become a party in time. [1]
The Christian Right, with its years of political influence, is now poised to merge with the new Tea Party Movement. In times of crisis, natural or caused, things seem to happen faster and opportunities, that would take years, seem to happen in months. There is the scent of rebellion in the air. Martial arts and Christian actor Chuck Norris has called for a Second American Revolution. Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio program Norris promised, if things get any worse, he will run for president of the Sovereign state of Texas. [2]

The truth is that the Religious Right is not the same Religious Right of our parents. Mainline Christianity is different as well. The biblical truth is that "apostles," in the New Testament sense, have always been "simply those who are sent out with a particular mission. From this concept we get the word 'missionary.'" The church has always had missionaries. But the original New Testament Apostles, who received their doctrine of the Gospel of Salvation by direct revelation from God, and who wrote the books that are in the Canon of Scripture, did not continue into our present age. This false teaching of the New Apostolic Reformation conflicts with both Scripture and solid New Testament history. [3]

Their Ecumenical Grasp is Widespread
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