Monday, June 21, 2010

Tavistock & the NCC: Uncovered a BIG Mistake

Recently I spoke about a possible connection between Tavistock and the National Council of Churches. It's a well-used mistake, and can be referenced many times on the internet by different researchers. Once I started the research on the connection between Tavistock and the NCC, I realized that I uncovered a BIG error on the part of the original researcher. It's an honest mistake, but a BIG one.

The connection that was suppose to tie-in Tavistock Institute with the National Council of Churches is through a man named David R. Hunter. There was a David R. Hunter who was a retired Episcopal priest and a pioneer in interfaith relations. He held a Harvard doctorate in education, and was deputy general secretary of the National Council of Churches from 1963 to his retirement in 1975. He died at the age of 90 in 2001, as was survived by his wife Carman. [1]

Then there was another David R. Hunter. He had a long rap sheet of progressive activities under his belt:
Ottinger Foundation Executive Director (1972-)
Stern Fund Executive Director (1964-86)
Ford Foundation Public Affairs Program (1959-63)
UNICEF Program Officer for Latin America (1950-59)
US Official Chief Welfare Secy., Berlin Sector, Germany (1947-49)
UN Official Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (1944-46)
US Official Exec. Asst. to the Dallas Regional Admin., Office of Price Administration (1942-44)
Texas State Official Asst. Dir., Dallas Public Welfare Department (1941-42)
Akbar Fund Trustee
Liberty Hill Foundation Trustee
Club of Rome
[1] [2]

This David R. Hunter was a Presbyterian, died in the year 2000 at the age 84, and was survived by his wife Barbara.[3]

It is clear that these are two different individuals. There may be a connection between the mind control organization Tavistock Institute and the National Council of Churches, but it's not through this man.