Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Joel's Army - It's All About Unity

Until yesterday, I had never heard of Joel's Army. What follows is a sketch of the things I did learn.

1. Rick Joyner initially prophesied, in 1999, a Revolution in the Church. He spoke of dismantling present Church structures. God had not yet revealed to him the nature of this revolution and the course it would take, or “what” the Church would become in the aftermath.  

2. Jim Goll, of Ministry to the Nations, describes this convergence as The Great Revolution:
"...the Revelation of the Prophetic Movement and the relational networking of the Apostolic Reformation shall all merge together into a tidal wave that will eclipse the impact of  reformation of 500 years ago  and create what could be called The Great Revolution.
"The Lord will give the church an opportunity to re-write her stained and spotted history.  Radical deeds of identificational repentance, acts of mercy to the poor and the oppressed, presence and power encounters to the sick and the demonized, warrior praise and intercession arising over cities will mount as a Revolution comes upon the global body of Christ and creating a great societal awakening!  If history books are written of the years that lie ahead, they might be termed The Days of His Glorious Presence." [1]
3. The Latter Rain movement taught that as the end of the age approached, the "overcomers" would arise within the Church. There was debate among various branches as to the nature and extent of this manifestation. These Manifest Sons of God, ones who have come into the full stature of Jesus Christ, would receive the Spirit without measure. They would be as Jesus was when he was on earth and would receive a number of divine gifts, including the ability to change their physical location, to speak any language through the Holy Spirit, and would be able to perform divine healings and other miracles. They would complete the work of God, restoring man's rightful position as was originally mandated in Genesis and by coming into the full stature of Christ would usher in his millennial reign. Extreme versions of this spoke of Jesus as a "pattern" Son and applied "ye are gods" (Psalms 82:6) to this coming company of believers. [2] (Word of Faith teaching)

4. Joel's Army believers are hard-core Christian dominionists, meaning they believe that America, along with the rest of the world, should be governed by conservative Christians and a conservative Christian interpretation of biblical law. [3]

5. In "The Harvest," Rick Joyner disclosed that in the forthcoming revolution an "army" will remove those -- labeled stumbling blocks -- who refuse the unity teachings of the modern prophets. According to Joyner, “. . .to remove the stumbling blocks . . . a great company of prophets, teachers, pastors and apostles will be raised up with the spirit of Phinehas.”. After this revolution in the Church, “very young Christians will be pastoring large bodies of believers”:
". . .Some pastors and leaders who continue to resist this tide of unity will be removed from their place. Some will become so hardened they will become opposers and resist God to the end. Most will be changed and will repent of their resistance. . . . There will be many 'stumbling blocks' circulating in the Church that will cause confusion and some destruction from time to time. They will perceive themselves as prophets sent to judge and deliver. Those serving in leadership must trust their discernment and remove the stumbling blocks.
"To be distinguished from the 'stumbling blocks,' a great company of prophets, teachers, pastors and apostles will be raised up with the spirit of Phinehas. Just as the son of Eleazar could not tolerate iniquity in the camp of the Lord, this 'ministry of Phinehas' will save congregations, and at times even whole nations from the plagues that will be sweeping the earth. They will be moved by the jealousy of the Lord for the purity of His people. They will be sent to save and preserve the work of the Lord, not tear down, as the stumbling blocks do. . . Huge masses of people will be streaming to the Lord, the inflow so great in places that very young Christians will be pastoring large bodies of believers. Arenas and stadiums will overflow nightly as the believers come together to hear the apostles and teachers.
". . .Extraordinary miracles will be common while those considered great today will be performed almost without notice by young believers. Angelic appearances will be common to the saints and a visible glory of the Lord will appear upon some for extended periods of time as power flows through them. . . .Those in leadership will be the most humble of all. When anyone presumes leadership without calling, it will be apparent to all. "This harvest will be so great that no one will look back at the early Church as a standard; all will be saying that the Lord has certainly saved His best wine for last. The early Church was a firstfruits offering; truly this will be a harvest! It was said of the Apostle Paul that he was turning the world upside down; it will be said of the apostles soon to be anointed that they have turned an upside down world right side up. Nations will tremble at the mention of their name. . ." [4]
6. The elitist teachings of the Vineyard, Pentecostal, Charismatic and Calvary Chapel groups support variations on the theme of the perfection of saints through the elevation and teachings of latter-day prophets and apostles.  Restorationist, Kingdom Now and Joel's Army theologies teach that, under select leaders, those who achieve a certain level of holiness will be able to defeat all enemies and will eventually become immortal. These gnostic doctrines taught by modern prophets such as Bob Jones and Rick Joyner, both once associated with the late Vineyard founder, John Wimber. [5]

What follows is another part of the broadcast from yesterday. Pastor Michael Hoggard makes Joel's Army sound militant, but I think we have more to fear of the New Age cleansing, spoken about previously on this site. I'm sure it will take churches down, though.

Some People Involved in the Movement
Rick Joyner - MorningStar Ministries
Bob Jones and Mike Bickle 
Bob Beckett of The Dwelling Place Family Church in San Jacinto, California.
Dutch Sheets - Pastor of a Vineyard Church and author.
Paul Cain - former second-in-command to William Branham
Jack Deere (former chief theologian for the Vineyard), John Eckhardt, Kingsley Fletcher, Ted Haggard, Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, Jim Laffoon, Chuck Pierce, and Barbara Yoder
George Otis Jr.
Michael Pierce - runs the "Christ For Your City" ministries out of London Ontario. John Dawson -  is director of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Los Angeles, California.
Peter C. Wagner - Wagner's World Prayer Center
Cindy Jacobs - Involved with the Generals of Intercessions and Peter Wagner's Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. 
Ed Silvoso - Director of Harvest Evangelism

It is my belief that the Dominionist theology comes from the Jesuits within the Knights of Malta, which Rick Joyner is a member. Being part of the Freemasons, it would explain the militant overtones it has. Tomorrow, I'll talk more about the Knights of Malta.

(YouTube link) (Not an endorsement of Pastor Mike)

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