Monday, March 29, 2010

The Templeton Prize

In order to accelerate the move toward religious unity, the Parliament of World Religions meets annually to bring the ecumenical community together. One of the highlights is the awarding of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. Valued at $1.2 million, it is the "world's most prestigious and lucrative...ecumenical award." This international prize is bestowed upon the individual perceived to be the most "outstanding" religious figure of the year. The decision on who receives the award is made by a group of interfaith leaders with a distinct one-world vision. Historically, this committee has awarded the prize to individuals who display a strong ecumenical outlook and have a favorable disposition toward the Vatican.

The million dollar prize has gone to Prison Fellowship Director, Chuck Colson. Other well-known Christian leaders who have received the award include Billy Graham (1982), and Bill Bright of Promise Keepers (1996). [1]It's very likely that each of them are Knights of Malta agents from the Vatican.

Something you will notice during your visit in the Templeton website is their logo. The exoteric meaning for the symbol is infinity and eternity. To occultists, the esoteric meaning represents Lucifer's eternal victory. It also symbolizes reincarnation and karma. . . It's used in the brimstone symbol and appears at the top of the Nine Satanic Statements." (Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 254) .