Monday, March 29, 2010

The Church and the One-world Religion

My children used to watch a cartoon called “Pinky and the Brain,” and there were a couple of lines of dialogue that opened each episode that is still true in our world today. Pinky, the tall genetically modified mouse would ask the cerebral character, Brain, "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?" The Brain would always answer, "The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!"

There have been a series of rulers through history that have attempted to do exactly that - to take over the world. Since ancient times, there are some who believe Universal government is necessary, because it is the only way to attain universal peace. There is only one major thaw in that premise; it always has something to do with individual power.

Those who desire to bring about a world government have been working on the most recent plan for world domination for over one hundred years. Karl Marx wrote his plan during the mid-to- late 1800s, and we can see parts of his Manifesto operating in our society today. But the one who has been behind the drive for world government is Lucifer himself. Since his fall from heaven, he has been trying to claw his way into the position of the Lord Most High - and he’s getting closer to fulfilling his fault-filled plan. (Isaiah 14:14)

Many globalists see religion as being the greatest hindrance to world peace, with Christianity as the hardest hurdle obtain. As Luciferians hide behind the New Age veil, I believe we will begin witnessing the final dismantling of the Christian faith - right before our eyes.

It has already started. We have seen its efforts beginning to unfold by the infiltration of the cults; the Social Gospel; the spread of the Emergent Church movement; the teaching of the Kingdom Now and Kingdom Theology; the Universalism of the Knights Templar passed down through generations to the Freemasons; and the strengthening of the New Age Movement. But most significantly, it can be seen in the ecumenical work of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, whose vision is for the unity of all religions - and, in fact, all mankind. 

Let’s Backtrack a Moment
The Rockefeller family, while they are by no means the only major players in world affairs, have contributed large amounts of money to the creation of a world government. Being the Communists they are, they knew that the combining of world religions would never occur unless they supported it with their resources. Daniel Taylor, in his study titled, “Rockefeller and the One-World Religion” gave this insight:

“The use of religion is one method that, in Rockefeller's eyes, looked to be a promising means of accomplishing this [world government] goal... Just as the Interchurch World Movement was presented to the churches as a solution to problems facing the globe after the first world war, the Federal Council of Churches  (FCC) presented its own solution in the early 1940's for a program "for a just and durable peace" upon the end of World War II. Not surprisingly, the Federal Council of Churches - which was merged with the National Council of Churches in 1950 - received significant funding from John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Using a similar corporate structure of churches that the Interchurch World Movement first pioneered, the program developed several agendas for churches to adopt, with world government named as the ultimate goal.” [1]
 John D. Rockefeller, Jr (1874-1960)

Today, with the help of Rockefeller money, the World Council of Churches  holds over 300 member churches worldwide. Some members in North America include: Episcopal Church in the USA; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA; Presbyterian Church; American Baptist; Church of the Brethren; National Baptist Convention; United Church of Christ; and United Methodist Church. The WCC has maintained its close relationship with the United Nations since its founding in 1948, and they continue to share the same goals toward issues of social justice, world poverty, global warming, as well as others. [2]

The National Council of Churches is the west’s version of the WCC, and we see more churches in their membership roll. For instance, there are the Alliance of Christians, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), with a list of other lesser known names. [3]
“Reshaping - at the very least re-focusing - religious doctrine, particularly Christianity, to conform to a globalized world is a key facet in the quest for world governance. "The Social Thought of the World Council of Churches," written by Edward Duff, describes the philosophy that drives the WCC. Duff cites a Rockefeller endowed survey, chaired by professor W. E. Hocking, a Harvard distinguished philosopher, as significant contribution to WCC ideals. The "religion of the future," according to the survey, will represent a "common world  culture."”  [4]

W. E. Hocking (1873-1966)

Hocking foresaw a future world state under which all religions will "...ultimately unite."

What’s their next step?
We know which way we are headed, but you may ask, “What’s their next step?” I have to confess that I truly don’t know what they have planned, but we can look at the past to determine how the Nazi regime tried to destroy the Jews and the Church.

As you may recall, the Confessing Church was a Protestant church that arose in opposition to government-sponsored efforts to nazify the German Protestant church. The following plans were implemented by the Nazis:

1) They cut church subsidies from the government
2) They confiscated church property
3) They abolished theology as a course of study in universities
4) Prayer was banned from school
5) Compulsory religious instruction was banned in school
6) Compulsory attendance, mandated by schools at worship services, was prohibited.

By 1933, German Christians saw the following occur. Some of these are specific to that period of time, therefore they cannot be matched point-by-point. But you can see how they could be modified to conditions that may occur in the future.

1) The removal of all pastors unsympathetic with National Socialism.
2) The expulsion of members of Jewish descent.
3) The implementation of the Aryan Paragraph church-wide. (Essentially, certain churches became closed clubs.)
4) The removal of the Old Testament from the Bible.
5) The removal of "non-German" elements from religious services.
6) The adoption of a more "heroic" and "positive" interpretation of Jesus, who in pro-Aryan fashion should be portrayed to be battling mightily against corrupt Jewish influences.   Wikipedia

The Confessing Church had, in effect, declared the Nazi-sanctioned church to be heretical. In effect, there were two Protestant churches in Germany: the officially sanctioned church, and the Confessing church.
Surprisingly, many Christians supported Hitler - just as we see the liberal Christians supporting Pres. Obama today. In spite of his far-left political platform, churches by the bus loads left from Virginia for Washington, D.C., to view their hero being inaugurated into office. Since being in office, he has removed the National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer, first designated by President Truman and made permanent by President Reagan, was celebrated by an ecumenical service in the White House every first Thursday in May. The official statement is that the new president views it as an official endorsement of religion.

What can we do?
Our time is short. Within the next five years, we will begin to see radical changes in our midst. It could take them several years to ease into the unified religion, or it could take one significant event. For instance,  I’ve written about the false gospel that could be brought to us by demons posing as aliens, with the message that they are our progenitors (ancestors). We have already seen this type of discussion by prominent scientists and the Vatican within the past year.

Regardless of how it may happen, I find peace in being prepared. Some may view it as reacting in fear by preparing some basic items for survival, but I see it as being wise. We don't know at this point whether we will be severely persecuted for our beliefs, or that the U.S. will be exempt from it. I’m a realist, so I don’t want to permit the chips to fall as they please. If you were to speak to anyone who lived in Germany during the time of Hitler, and they can see the same things happening in our country today. Listen to the testimony of Hilmar Von Campe:
“Today in America we are witnessing a repeat performance of the tragedy of 1933 when an entire nation let itself be led like a lamb to the Socialist slaughterhouse. This time, the end of freedom is inevitable unless America rises to her mission and destiny. The silence from our pulpits regarding the moral collapse of American society from within is not very different from the silence that echoed from the pulpits in Germany toward Nazi policies. Our family lived through the Nazi years in Germany, an experience typical of millions of Europeans regardless of what side they were on. We paid a high price for the moral perversions of a German government, which excluded God and His Commandments from their policies. America must not continue following the same path to destruction, but instead heed the lessons of history and the warning I am giving."   
Do you understand my concern? If you begin taking small steps preparing now, you’ll be far better off than most. I can honestly say that I know more Christians who are willfully ignorant about 95% of the topics I write about on my blog. They manage their fear by blocking out reality. “God will take care of us,” most will say. He is in control, but He has also given plenty of warning along the way. Some day in the future, some will stand there defenseless, and they will wonder why they never did anything to prepare.

If you desire to begin taking steps toward being prepared, there is an article within an old journal that will be helpful. If it should take another ten years before something serious happens, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.