Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Warburg Family - Part 2

What I am about to say is speculation, and I have proof on one of my claims pertaining to James Warburg. I found it curious that the Warburg family, who have global governance in mind, would basically drop off the map. Paul Warburg and his son definitely generated enough evil on an entire generation that they must have left their seed behind for more destruction. I am asking, "Where are their descendants?"

James Warburg had three marriages:
1st marriage was in 1918 to Kay Swift (1897-1993)
2nd marriage was in 1935 to Phyllis Baldwin (1903-1993)
3rd was in 1948 to Joan Melber

Kay Swift had three children by Warburg between 1919 and 1934. Their marriage ended in 1934 as a consequence of her long involvement with George Gershwin. I am not starting an internet roomer, but I found an interesting possible connection between Taylor Swift's father and Kay Swift. Taylor's dad may be the son or grandson of one of Kay Swift's children. I know Kay married and became a Warburg, but she didn't have to keep the name. Taylor's dad is a stock broker for Merrill Lynch in Nashville, TN. There is a division named after him.

I found another living descendant of the Warburg family. Katharine Weber is the grandchild of James and Kay Swift.

My final finding linked to the Warburg family is interesting. Comedian Joan Rivers second marriage was to Edgar Rosenberg. Their only child was a daughter Melissa Warburg Rosenburg, better known as Melissa Rivers. It seems that Edgar's mother was Frieda Warburg, but I'm not certain which side of the family she descended from.

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