Friday, September 18, 2009

The Presence of Angels in Modern Day Ministries

The presence of angels in the ministry of Todd Bentley, Bob Jones is partly why so many Christians follow these ministries. It wasn't until I watched a recent video from John Paul Jackson, that I began to seriously think about it. He was visited by an angel when he received the Word that serious trouble is coming to our country.

It was an angel who told William Branham of the Latter Rain movement, that the last president in our country would be a woman.  Has anyone slowed down to ask if it is something God wants us chasing after?

I found this interesting passage from an article by Let Us Reason ministries.
"It is the Gnostics that had the worship and revelation of angels (Col. 2:18), they took delight in things they had not seen through vain imaginations. Paul emphasized a wisdom and knowledge that comes from God and not from idle speculations, angelic visitations, or fables. Col. 2:3 says of Christ, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Christ, not heaven, not angels is whom we are to seek. Bentley is preaching experiences via angels. The Holy Spirit is sent to be our Guide, not angels who are constantly visiting with new revelatory stories. Jn.14:20 the Holy Spirit will us direct us to the words of Jesus. He does not need angels to do this. We can know everything we need by what God has revealed through His Word. We do not need to discover anything by pursuing experiences in the spirit realm, a place that we are not told to seek."
The sort of visitation I am addressing is one where we summon the angels. If you happen to be laying in bed one night and you have a heavenly visitation without asking, I'm sure you have not violated any principle. But if someone goes into an altered state to experience something extra, then I see that as being dangerous.

Also from the Let Us Reason site, he says:
"It is the 3rd wave adherents (another name for Latter Rain) are involved in Gnosticism, and have been saying the same unbiblical statements and prophecies. These are just a few examples:
Rick Joyner “Angelic appearances will be common to the saints and a visible glory of the Lord will appear upon some for extended periods of time as power flows through them.” (Rick Joyner, The Harvest, p.128-129). In his revelation “the Final Quest” he meets an angel called WISDOM, who teaches him to rise to the third heaven, we later find this angel is Jesus.
Benny Hinn “The angels of heaven are about to appear in visible form…the angels of the Lord are about to invade planet earth and come to your house.” (Benny Hinn, Honolulu Blaisdell, Jan.21 1999).
If you have been on my Yahoo alternative news group, you would know that Benny Hinn also believes that he will stand on stage with the coming Messiah. Others believe he's delusional and feel it will be the New Age christ that he will stand on stage with.

I do believe that in the latter days the Lord will pour out His Spirit, and that many will have dreams and visions of the future. There was never anything said about angelic visitations.

I know anyone can write something on the internet and try to pass it off as Truth. I believe that the quotes above are valid ones. It was the Gnostic group who were the heretics of their time. Gnostic teachings are also within many of the Freemason practices.

If you are interested in this subject, I urge you to do further study on the topic.

Below, is an interview with Pastor Joe Schimmel. He makes some comments about the New Age movement and Benny Hinn.