Monday, December 24, 2012

Psyop and the Stratfor Factor

Psychological operations - the planned use of communications to influence human attitudes and behavior. It consists of political, military, and ideological actions conducted to induce in target groups behavior, emotions, and attitudes that support the attainment of national objectives. [1]

While many of us have been researching the New World Order and the globalist agenda, there is a lesser known contradictory piece of information that adds an interesting twist. Through research, we can visibly see the global government taking shape, however there is much speculation that China is preparing to rise to power. The thing is, it's hard to determine whether the undercurrent of rumblings about China are true, or if it's part of a propaganda stunt being used as a psyop strategy.

This leads us to Stratfor. There is much speculation that Stratfor, an intelligence publishing agency, is actually a front for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). One of it's functions is disinformation, but it has been proven to be involved in “selling” intelligence from informers, paying-off informants, money laundering schemes and selling raw intelligence for corporate gain. They are so good at spying and intelligence collecting that they have been asked to train the military and government agencies on their intel gathering techniques.

Alex and Stratfor
The founder of Stratfor, Dr. George Friedman, has admitted that he is Jewish Zionist.[2][3] His credentials show that he was held positions at Georgetown University - the oldest Jesuit college in the U.S..

George Frieman - perhaps a 
modified Cabalistic pose or a Masonic pose.

Sir Francis Dashwood - 
Freemason and founder of the Hellfire Club.

If you follow either link 2 or 3 from above, you will see that these articles were part of an expose on Alex Jones. Apparently Alex is being accused of being an agent for Stratfor. This information surfaced after he hired a former employee of Strator to run the new endeavor of the Free Speech, LLC outfit, known as the InfoWars magazine.

Upon closer examination of Alex's website, note this about his privacy policy  statement:
  • 3.2. “we may use your personal identifying information” “when complying with an order” from “..other government entity…”
  • 3.4. “We us cookies, log files, and third parties to create a profile of our users and the information gathered is personally identifiable as belonging to you…”
  • 3.7. Any information you disclosed to third parties on our Website or other websites becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.
So basically he is saying that he discloses information to government entities upon request, and there are tracking cookies that follow you once you've left his website. That says more about his cooperation with the system he says he's fighting, than the resistance and defense of personal information he presents to his public audience. If Alex is involved in Stratfor, or is paid directly by the CIA, you have to wonder who else has been working for this agency.

The Source
This information on Alex Jones was first broke by David Chase Taylor of, who is an American whistleblower seeking political asylum overseas. In this and other research, he explains that Stratfor is located in Austin, Texas - where Alex broadcasts his program.

Alex Jones giving the horns and 
the pointing finger, both occult hand signs.

The highlights from his research are that:
  • Austin, TX, is full of political intelligence operatives, such as: Karl Rove, top Republican Strategist; Steven Jackson, founder of the Illuminati card game; Jehmu Green, founder of Rock the Vote; and Silona Bonewald, founder of the League of Technical Voters. It is only 199 miles away from Lake Jackson, Texas, which is home to U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, a Rosicrucian/Freemason.
  • Alex has used high level intelligence operatives to provide his listeners with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments.
  • Through the use media, he attempts to explain and mold your understanding of world events.
This and other points in his research, attempt to prove that Alex Jones is part of the controlled opposition. Even if all of the research were circumstantial, you gotta wonder why Alex portrays himself as a villain.

Wikipedia says this about the Joker and a "prison planet":
"The 2007-2008 miniseries Salvation Run depicts the Joker as leading one of two factions of supervillains who have been exiled from Earth to a distant prison planet. In issue six of the series, Joker engages Lex Luthor in an all-out brawl for power. Just as he gains the upper hand, however, the planet is invaded by Parademons. The Joker helps fight off the invasion and later escapes along with the rest of the surviving villains via a teleportation machine."
Is this also another coincidence? You'll need to draw your own conclusions.

China and the Bigger Picture
David Chase Taylor published this recent report on the Red Dawn Scenario, revealing evidence about how China is prepared to attack the United States on December 21, 2012. It's obvious he missed the target date, but the rest of the information seems quite compelling. We don't know how David ties into current disinformation, but some of his material is convincing...except that he uses the occult peace sign on the tab when you open the site.

Coupled with this video, posted on the Stratfor website, some more interesting detail is revealed about China rising to become a global superpower - which could exceed the power of Europe and America combined. We should be asking ourselves if this is just a distraction from the true global agenda, or if the rise of China is a reality...especially since they own U.S. debt. At least that's what we're being told.

(YouTube link)

The information being quoted in the video is from Global Trends 2030. It revealed that the United States could see its standing as a superpower ended, and China/Asia will replace it by 2030, according to the National Intelligence Council. The report also said that nearly two-thirds of the world's population, which they say will be middle class (questionable), will mostly be living in cities, connected by advanced technology, protected by advanced health care and linked by countries that work together, perhaps with the United States and China cooperating to lead the way.[3] Coincidentally, the trend where people will be living in cities, coincides with the plans presented by Agenda 21 with the help of Smart Growth.[4]

Is China rising?
In this video, which was produced in part by controlled television networks, it explains the relationship the US has with China.

(YouTube link)

When you take this information and try to keep it in perspective, you may wonder how this lines up with the plans for the world government and the creation of the North American Union. Could this possibly be the presentation of another bogeyman being created that will attack the United States? It this imaginary power going to force new measures of security to raise our borders with Canada and Mexico?

In this video, George Friedman provides a forecast for the United States. Although it was taped nearly four years ago, it's based on his book The Next 100 Years. Since the books of these great men reveal who they truly are, let's listen to his analysis of the situation. You will find that it completely contradicts the concept of China as a rising power, and follows suit with the secret origin of America's democracy/domination.

(YouTube link)

Since we are not completely oblivious to what the future holds, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ need to be preparing for more difficult times. I believe the Word strongly supports the viewpoint that the Lord warns the Elect prior to impending danger.
Hebrews 11:7 says:
"By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved by fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith."
We must seek Him with all our heart. which is how Noah's faith influenced him to prepare an ark. Although we may be moved by fear, which isn't a bad thing, we still need to take refuge in Christ - our true Protector.

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