Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cecile Richards: Planned Parenthood

 Cecile is wearing a Templar's (Maltese) Cross.

We shouldn't be surprised to see Cecile Richards wearing a Templar's Cross, since it is a symbol used by several Orders of Freemasonry. Her mother, former TX Governor Ann Richards, received a distinguished award from the Order of the Aztec Eagle, so she may be a member of this organization. It is interesting to note that Bill Gates, a big promoter of eugenics, is a member.

Look who else wore the Maltese cross.

Cecile's work of providing abortions reaches far and wide, since the organization of Planned Parenthood is global. She was in the news recently supporting the Obama administration ruling that requires employers to provide health insurance plans that include sterilizations and contraceptive coverage. This was a strange move, since many Roman Catholics supported the Obama campaign.

Louisville Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz with occult peace sign.
Kurtz and other bishops are seeking to mobilize Catholics to urge Congress to reverse a Jan. 20 decision by the Obama administration refusing to grant many faith-based organizations an exemption they had sought from the measure. It requires faith-based employers to provide the coverage by August 2013 as part of the new federal health care law.[1]