Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Panics After Ron Paul Brings Up 1953 Iran Coup

Bill O'Reilly has a lively discussion with Ron Paul, when he doesn't permit Ron to tell what the US has done in the past in Iran and other Middle East countries. Once the truth slips out about the Neoconservatives agenda, O'Reilly shuts that part of the discussion down. Apparently the threat of Iran developing a weapon is still 10 years away. The reason why U.S. national security has been jeopardized is because the U.S. has deliberately gone into Middle Eastern countries and taken them over. Knowing that 9/11 was payback for our foreign invasions, Ron Paul still voted to chase a fictitious bogeyman into Afghanistan. Interesting insight that exposes lies and truth from both sides.

(YouTube link)