Friday, February 10, 2012

The Apostles Creed: An Ecumenical Fish Hook

John H. Armstrong, founder of the leadership ministry called ACT 3, discusses the "Apostles Creed" and the line that reads, "I believe in One Holy catholic Church."

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The Creed of the Apostles is one of the oldest catechisms of the Roman Catholic church. It was written to  Pope Siricius in about AD390. It remains common to churches of both East and West to this day. Many believe the Creed of the Apostles should always kept and preserved undefiled, [1] but most Evangelicals have dismissed its value, although the Emergent church is attempting to pump life into it.

There are deficiencies in the creed in that central doctrines are not expressed, and inerrancy and authority of scripture is never mentioned.[2] Each line is a pledge to what a Catholic believes, but many Protestant/Evangelical Christians have problems with the line "I believe in One Holy catholic Church." I was once assured that the word catholic, since it is in a lower case c, actually means universal. But even with this change in meaning, you have to wonder if the common confession will be used as a creed by the papacy to draw together the one universal religion.

Paul says Christians are to be unified in spirit, not in organization; and unified by the Words of our great God. But if the words of a creed join together believer and unbeliever, all it has done is accomplish the purpose of the enemy, who sows tares among wheat.

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