Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why Nostradamus is Important to the Luciferians

The world is focused on the year 2012 as being one of significance. Some have speculated that it is the end of the world, while others say it will be the beginning of the Tribulation Period, or even Armageddon. We are told that our natural resources are going to run out, and global warming is going to flood our country. The predictions of Edgar Cayce, the Mayan Calendar and Nostradamus have some people living in fear - believing it will be the unraveling of our planet.

Knowing that every bit of what is being broadcasted has been orchestrated by the Luciferian-controlled media, perhaps we should look closer at the symbolism within the drawings - knowing that this is the way the occult world communicates with one another.

The pictures from Nostradamus were kept in the Vatican library within hermetically-sealed chambers for such a time as this. The narrator gives meaning for some of the symbolism, but let's do some simple checking to see if what they are telling us is true. I'm not an expert, but let's look into this closer.

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Meaning Behind the Nostradamus Symbolism
  • The sun has always been at the center of false religion. The Ancient Mystery Religions venerated the sun, the solar disk, as deity. These pagan philosophies form the basis for the worship of the Illuminati, and indicate the importance of the sun as symbol of satanic deity. The culmination of the Mysteries is the worship of Satan himself. [1]
 Egyptian sun worship
  • The constellation of Ophiuchus, is known as the "serpent-bearer", and it is commonly represented as a man grasping a wicked snake.[2] In the Greek myth associated with Ophiuchus, he is designated as Apollo's son, and said to have been renowned as a healer.[3] In January 2011, the constellation of Ophiuchus was added to the signs of the zodiac, since there has been some shifting taking place in space. There is now 13 signs in the zodiac, instead of 12. 
  • The eight-spoked wheel is a version of the sun-cross, or the divine cross as mentioned by the speaker. In the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on Theosophy, the most important deities are St. Germain and the Master Jesus [false christs of the New Age].[4]
  • The "Wheel of Fortune" tarot card is used by witches and seers for predicting one's future. The inner circle of the Illuminati elite are sometimes referred to as the "Wheel."[5]
  •  The swastika can be derived from the sun cross, a symbol of Theosophy and the Nazi Party.[6
    A version of the sun cross, or the divine cross.

    The image on the right is from the Theosophical Society. Based on the crown from the image on the right, who do you suspect their king is?

    Some other key points of analysis:
    • The Tree of Life has several meanings, but based on the Kabbalah, it is man.[7]
    • For the ancients, the Lamb was another symbol of the sun, and stood in for many solar deities before Christ. [8] In the Bible, the Lamb represents Christ, the Lamb of God. The pope takes the title "Vicar of Christ" meaning he is presented as Christ on Earth, in his place. So he is literally the most famous man on Earth to be "like a lamb", or like THE lamb. From Rev. 13:11, "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." 
    Some say that the Pope's mitre resembles horns. Note the pine cones displayed around his neck - a symbol of the solar god Osiris.
    • Jay Weidner, the expert for Alchemy, gives us the same hype about the earth self destructing as we have gotten from the NWO experts. 
    • The universal symbolism of an ark means divine immanence and unity behind the diversity of religious expression.[7]
    Funny what a little extra information about these symbols will do. Could it be that the Luciferians are using the Nostradamus predictions to implement their plan for the New World Order? Is it a Satanic prophecy of the false messiah to come? Will this be a genuine end of days scenario or will there be some counterfeit events put in place to confuse the sheeple? It will be hard to determine, but I do know that the christ that will appear will be false.

    With the earth-shaking technology of HAARP, and advanced holographic imagery, our world could be led to believe anything. Only the Luciferian elites know for sure what will happen, but the symbolism does make you wonder if they have something cooked up. But I'm no expert. Perhaps it will all blow over like the Y2K computer bug.

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