Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Illuminati Formula: Exposing Corruption and Apostasy

This political piece exposes Newt Gingrich for who he is. The video itself, and the fact that he is being exposed in this manner, is a tool being used to weaken our country. It will create the softness needed for revolution. The political corruption has always been there, but the controlled media has chosen such a time as this to expose all corruption.

In the world of Christianity, the apostasy has always been there, but now selected Illuminati change agents have been released into Church to expose the apostasy in a more public way. Illuminati controlled discernment ministries don't want you to trust anyone, which was intended to weaken the Church. Those who don't stay in the Word, will be weakened with the sheeple.

It's a tool created by Hegel. They want the "Third Way."

(YouTube link) (I do not endorse candidates.)