Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christian vs New Age UFO Researchers

This video is an interesting combination of (professing) Christian and New Age UFO researchers - both perspectives being uniquely different. Those quoted are: Jordan Maxwell (an anti-Christian), John Todd (New Age), Fritz Springmeier (professing Christian who was accused of stealing Jordan Maxwell's research), Kent Hovind (Christian), Bill Cooper (a professing Christian), and Cathy O'Brien.

The UFO Disclosure Project, which is being supported by the Rockefellers and comes from a New Age viewpoint, has been pushing the hardest towards opening the UFO files and getting this show on the road.

Fritz made an interesting comment about how Churches are being infiltrated, and that those legitimate Christian ministers are going to be singled out and targeted. I'm writing an article on the infiltration of the Church for the Kindred Spirits blog , so please try to stop in on Monday.

(YouTube link)

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