Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chris Hedges: Christian Dominionists are "American Fascists"

In a one-year old interview for Democracy Now, Chris Hedges investigates the highly organized and well-funded "dominionist movement." He reveals their agenda, examines the movement's origins and motivations, and uncovers its ideological underpinnings. He believes the movement bears resemblance to the young fascist movements in Italy and Germany in the 1920s and 30s. (Mussolini and Hitler)

Thankfully he differentiates the difference between traditional fundamentalists and the radical right wing. Listen to the interview as he makes some important points. 

(YouTube link)

(YouTube link)

Although I do not agree with everything Chris Hedges says, he has hit the nail on the head with some of his statements, but views other information through a tainted lens. So that you don't wonder, the points I disagree with are:
  • His view that Billy Graham was separated from government.
  • I don't agree with Hedges assessment that biblical roles are a disempowerment of women - then replicated in the mega-churches. Most churches today are strongly feminist.
  • I question his idea that the radical Christian right is anti-Semitic because of their end time beliefs, since Jews will be destroyed along with all unbelievers. He feels it is short-sighted on the part of Christians, but John Hagee does have a different biblical interpretation in order to soften the differences.
  • I don't agree that evolution is true.
The warning is out concerning Dominion Theology and it isn't hype. The warning is being heard by the unbelieving world and many are fearful of it. I believe as days go by, we will begin to see more attacks on the Church in retaliation for the radical rights desire to take dominion. To the unbeliever, all Christians look the same, so everyone will become a target.