Friday, September 30, 2011

Calvinism: Will history repeat itself?

Calvinism is experiencing a resurgence in the USA, especially among young people. You should know that thought [ideas] runs in cycles, and this is why history always seems to repeat itself. This applies to false doctrine, which do not die, but often go to sleep and return years later.

In the following video, the callous reality of Calvinism is recounted. You will find that Calvinism acted rather than argued. [1]

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Dominion theology and Reconstructionism are based on the teachings of John Calvin and Reformed Theology, not the Bible. When it comes to Evangelical Christianity, its roots are found in the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation, and its systematic exponent of Reformation theology, which was from John Calvin.

One of Calvin's historic statements was, "Do not fail to rid the country of those zealous scoundrels who stir up people who revolt against us. Such monsters should be exterminated..."

It is a mystery to me why well-known ministers of the Gospel would elevate Calvin. It is no different than overlooking the tyrannical rule of a Pope, then turning him into a Church saint. In my personal opinion, where there is evil in the history of the Church, it is only proof of a false religious system.

Perhaps this video will send up some red flags. It also explains a crucial Calvin doctrine.

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Part 2

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Again, in my opinion, Satan uses every false doctrine for his own purpose, and each of them will come together in the Last Days. Could it be that Calvin's old teachings will take on new life and the "kill the believers/unbelievers" mentality will rise up? As the Emergent church grows and the Reformers jump ship, we'll have to watch to see what happens to the remaining radical Calvinists.