Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vatican Conference on Aliens

(EU Times Online) The Vatican is now preparing us for the big message the US government and NASA are planning to announce soon. This is in anticipation to more disclosure and shocking news soon to be released little by little.

Father Jonathan Morris, a correspondent of Fox News channel was the first to report this official conference which is set to be hold soon (an exact date is not yet known) and its results will be given to the public.

(YouTube link)

Noise of Thunder Radio Show talks about the Vatican's deep involvement in the UFO phenomenon, and their views on aliens.  Chris Pinto discusses different ideologies dealing with aliens within the Christian community.  He points out that the Vatican is going to alter Christian doctrine to bring in this new UFO "scientific data." This is similar to what Jesuit Priest Teilhard de Chardin did with Darwin's research and acceptance of evolution.

It should be noted that no one is saying they are demons, or that this is being used to unite religions of the world. (Broadcast)