Friday, August 19, 2011

Project Camelot: Leo Zagami Explains Importance of Israel

Leo Zagami has an interesting and twisted world, and could possibly be a shill - a stooge who helps an organization without disclosing that he has a close relationship with them. In Leo's case, he apparently left the order and decided to tell-all. However, in Leo's interview with Project Camelot, he comments on an interfaith conference he attended where a picture was taken of him with senior Jesuits.

These pictures were taken at the World Congress of Initiatic Societies in April 2010, and the subtitle gave Leo the title of Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis Grand Master .[1] It becomes apparent that Leo isn't truthful with everything he's saying, if he still meets with the same group who is trying to derail Protestant Christianity for a Lucifer appointed/anointed global leader on earth. It's no wonder he had a stint in a mental hospital.

This particular video segment is packed with interesting comments, especially concerning who is in charge of the world, Muslims in the Vatican, the Knights of Malta as the true defender of the Pope, and finally his remarks about Israel. Leo claims:
"The Nazi's were actually born out of a conspiracy to create Adolph Hitler to make sure this being did what he did so they could claim the Israel state. Everything was planned for the end of times so the Jews have the land, as it is figured out in the ancient prophecies. So, everything is figured out in that way."
This is a provocative statement! Leo Zagami knows that conspiracy researchers will be listening to every word he says for information, so is it actually disinformation he's spreading? Did the Luciferians in the secret societies call for the extermination of Jews to bring about the state for Israel, merely to fulfill prophetic scripture, or were they more interested in bringing about a world government to seat their future evil leader? Watch the video and see what you think about his comments.

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The Jewish people who live in our country and Israel are innocent of wrongdoing, however the State of Israel is wicked to its core. Christian Zionists are clinging to a plan that will only enable a counterfeit fulfillment of Scripture. What a sad time of deception to live, is it not?