Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leo Zagmi: Illuminati Whisleblower or the Ravings of a Madman?

Leo Zagami claims to be a defector of 33rd degree Freemasonry and the Illuminati satanic cult. In interviews with Project Camelot, he exposes the Vatican as a satanic conspiracy to control the world by its many tentacles, and set up Israel for Armageddon. Much of the information in the Project Camelot  interview may be true, but is Leo really a defected Illuminati member?

Leo claims he is sought after by Vatican agents to stop him from spreading the truth. Often times his email is hacked, and his phone service is shut off to deter his efforts. During the Project Camelot interview he tells the story about why his wife walked out on him. And you will find in the following interview, Leo provides his perspective about his arrest and detention.

As he clearly lays out the plan for an Illuminati takeover in 2012, you will realize it is nothing but the rantings of a madman. He is not speaking from prison, but a mental hospital. This doesn't mean that everything he claimed was false, but the part about him being Jesus Christ lets you know the gig is up.

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