Friday, July 1, 2011

The United Nations And The New Age

Seventh Day Adventist Professor Walther Veith exposes the Luciferian roots of the U.N. He talks about important contributors to "The Plan" and how it is all connected with Theosophy.

(YouTube link)

Just as Christians of many denominations are being placed into a large melting pot to become physically one, another greater melting pot is in the works. The next major step is for the religions of the world to become one - in the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness (embracing the notion that everyone makes it into heaven).

The New Age believes that through a united mind of man, mankind can evolve to god consciousness. The Cosmic christ will connect "heaven and earth, past and future, divinity and humanity, all of creation." The New Age view of Christ has made significant inroads into orthodox (mostly Catholic, but also some Evangelical and Protestant) circles.

In the following video, the United Nations and Theosophy are discussed.

(YouTube link) (to watch part 15)

Distinguishing the true Jesus Christ from the New Age Cosmic christ takes knowing the Biblical Christ from the counterfeit. 

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