Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Talmud & Jewish Supremacy

The Talmud is one of the two compilations of Jewish religious teachings and commentary that have been transmitted orally for centuries prior to its compilation by Jewish scholars in Israel. Accusations against the Talmud include:
  1. Anti-Christian or anti-Gentile content
  2. Allowing sexually immoral acts against children
  3. Falsification of scripture
Wikipedia states that "many of these criticisms, particularly those by antisemitic critics, are based on quotations that are taken out of context, and thus misrepresent the meaning of the Talmud's text. Sometimes the misrepresentation is deliberate, and other times simply due to an inability to grasp the subtle and sometimes confusing narratives in the Talmud. Some quotations provided by antisemitic critics deliberately omit passages in order to generate quotes that appear to be offensive or insulting."[1]

(The Talmud and Midrash is know for Astrology, magic, and divination. Some orthodox Jews practice this today, but conservative Jews not all agree with its use.)

So, is it a matter of "those passages are in the Talmud, but it doesn't mean what it says," just as some Christians do with Bible text? Or, is that what we are being told as an outsider, so it prevents harsh criticism. Obtaining a copy of the Talmud and reading it for yourself would answer that question - although we still wouldn't have the special insight that rabbis are provided. Since Ted Pike has been pretty much right-on with most of his research, and we see some of these depraved acts being played out in the Catholic church, I'll momentarily take his word for it.

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