Saturday, June 18, 2011

Practical Steps to Live Separated from Government

 Mennonite Missionaries singing a choral concert.

Conservative Anabaptists, Amish, Mennonite, Charity, Hutterite, and Brethren follow these practices to express their belief in being separated from government, and live a biblical lifestyle. They
  • don't serve jury duty.
  • don't swear out warrant for someone's arrest, but will call police to report a crime or haul someone away. 
  • try to avoid testifying in court.
  • won't swear on the Bible. 
  • don't fly American flags 
  • don't salute American flags 
  • don't recite pledge of allegiance.
  • don't march in parades.
  • some do watch 4th of July fireworks. 
  • excommunication for divorcing spouse.
  • denial of church membership if divorced and re-married with first spouse still living. 
  • are pro life.
  • don't participate in or attend organized sports.
  • no Santa Claus, E-bunny or Halloween.
  • do not have Christmas trees.
  • many do decorate house w/Christmas greenery, candle on table w/candle ring.
  • do not get involved with politics.
  • do not run for political office.
  • do not vote.
  • do not vote in presidential election - never voting for someone who would be involved in making a decision to bear arms/go to war.
  • do not join local community organizations such as the Masons, Lion's Club, DAR, Shriner's, etc.
  • believe in separation of church and state.
  • are non-resistant.
  • do not hold any jobs in which they would work for the local, state or federal gov't in any capacity including a postman.
  • therefore do not hold a job where they would be required to bear arms as in security guard or police force.    
  • do not become attorneys.
  • do not protest march, but some will write letters to congressmen.
  • all males 18 yrs and older are registered as CO's. ( conscientious objectors) Should there ever be another draft they will serve two years - usually in hospitals. 
  • The Amish do not pay into nor do they receive SS benefits - not even the ones who do pay into it.  Indiana Amish has recently allowed this temporarily for Amish factory workers of English jobs due to the economy.  
  • do not receive Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc. 
  • do not believe in nor own health insurance, as the individual church they attend takes care of its own; you cannot as per Scripture.  There is a slight exception to this lately by certain groups.
  • do not own life insurance for same reason.  
  •  have their own schools or home school (Amish Cook's children are the only ones I know who attend public school, as their community is too small as yet to establish an Amish school. 
  • Plain People/conservative groups have guns and bow/arrow for hunting, putting down sick animals, they fish and trap if desired. All is used for food and not for sport, and never for defense. Guns are kept unloaded and in a locked cabinet. Hand guns are registerd with the state, and you have to have a license to own a handgun.