Monday, June 27, 2011

Genetically Engineered Rice

Rice is something we eat a lot of in the Martin household. We love Asian food, so it has become a part of our diet. When I learned that white rice is one of the foods researchers are experimenting with, I tried to locate a list of companies selling it. I didn't come up with a list, but Mahatma rice is one company selling genetically engineered rice. This is the company that sells rice cheap at the military commissary where I shop, and the rice I've been buying for several years.

Greenpeace, the environmental organization leading the way to protect the earth, has exposed companies researching, growing, and selling genetically modified foods. Although they have some good causes, their goals fall in line with UN falsehoods, such as global warming and removing nuclear power.

 Greenpeace in China

The following news stories are two ways they have exposed GMOs in the past.
  • Illegal GM rice found in baby food and rice noodles - Genetically engineered rice is still in the research phases in China, and has not yet been approved for commercial planting. Thus, it is illegal for food producers to use GE rice in their products. But, Greenpeace found that a rice formula made by Yili, one of China’s leading dairy companies, contained the illegal genetically engineered rice line Bt63. Nursoy, a soy-based formula made by Wyeth (parent company Pfizer), tested positive for GE soy. This formula is sold in China. 
  • Unauthorized U.S. genetically engineered rice found in Beijing - This 2007 article reports that Mahatma Extra Long Grain Enriched Rice contained a herbicide resistant GE rice. GE rice LL601, a product of the U.S. company Bayer, was approved for commercial growing in 2006, after it was found to contaminate U.S. rice products. Currently, the U.S. is the only country that allows commercial growing and sale of GE rice. GE rice LL601 has contaminated U.S. food exports to at least 32 countries, including China, where GE rice LL601 has not been approved for import (2).
The following link is provided to research how Greenpeace has documented the contamination of rice.

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