Monday, June 13, 2011

FunVax: Vaccination that Cures Religious Fundamentalists

FunVax is a U.S. Government made viral vaccine that "cures" religious fundamentalism. They want to alter populations DNA to breed out religious traits via vaccinations and aerosol spraying from above. Scientists have isolated a gene causing religious impulsive behavior, of which the presence supposedly can be identified with brain scans. It inhibits VMAT2, the so called "God Gene," which causes people to be prone to have spiritual experiences.

Although FunVax Pentagon briefing was from 2005, it has brought stability to several countries in the Middle East, and is currently responsible for the pro-democracy rallies through out the Middle East, it has a dangerous precedent for the future. FunVax could spread to western countries and disrupt the belief system in the U.S. and Europe.[1]

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Seeking God is part of being human.