Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pakistan: The Next Country to Meet the Globalist's NWO

When the death of Osama bin Laden was announced, and his compound was located in a strategic location where he should have been spotted, Webster Tarpley has felt that Pakistan will be framed and our next overseas confrontation will be in Pakistan. Some of the sheeple are beginning to wake up and see that this operation was a hoax.

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Sheikh Imran Hosein, wrote in a booklet in 2001 that "the target is Pakistan's nuclear plants and nuclear weapons" (04:45 on counter). He said they will have to provoke war within the Pakistan forces, so the US can justify going into the country.

He then says that the year 2012 will lead to a set-up for limited nuclear war in Israel. He believes there will be a major transfer of power from the US to Israel. If this is so, then this would explain why Tony Blair said a few years ago that Israel was his home; a quote I can no longer locate on the net.

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