Friday, May 6, 2011

The London...Rome...Beltane Ritual

by David Icke

Later I had an email from a man in Italy asking me if I knew that on the weekend that I was speaking in Rome there were going to be millions of Roman Catholics in the city from all over the world because the last Pope, John Paul II, was going to be 'beatified'. It sounded painful to me, but the pennies were starting to tumble.

I had no idea about the 'beatification'. I don't choose specific dates to speak anywhere, I just let the 'flow' and my intuition pick them for me. When I spoke in Barcelona, Spain, last year it was on the same weekend that the present Pope was making an official visit to the city in his Popemobile with millions of people on the streets. I didn't plan that, either.

The night I arrived in Rome a few days before my event last week I started to see clearly what it was all about. The royal wedding and the beatification of Pope John Paul II were connected. They were two ends of an enormous collective Beltane ritual. The key date of Beltane is May 1st - May Day - which is why so many celebrations and parades happen at that time, including the May Day parades in the Communist world. That was when the people of the Soviet Union were called to the streets in their millions to watch missiles and tanks paraded before them. It is all occult ritual.

But energetically, Beltane is not just May Day. It begins to build through April 29th and on to April 30th for its culmination on May 1st. The Roman celebration of Beltane was called Floralia, the Festival of the Flowers in honour of the Roman goddess, Flora, and ran through April 29th and May 1st. Here we had the royal wedding in London on April 29th and the beatification of Pope John Paul II in Rome on May 1st. The two rituals were at different ends of the Beltane energetic period in two cities so ritually crucial to the Satanic hierarchy which is running the Illuminati agenda.

Coincidence? Not a chance. Neither is it a coincidence that the fake killing of the already dead, Osama bin Laden, was also announced on May 1st.

Please pray that David Icke will have the blindness of his heart removed, and that he would be saved.