Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glenn Beck: It's About the Temple Mount

Since learning that Glenn Beck is a member of a secret society, I've been trying to figure out why he's taken his broadcast to Jerusalem. I believe I know why he's taken this trip.

In Christopher Pinto's "Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill," he provides an explanation of the esoteric importance of the Temple Mount to Freemasonry and the secret societies. It is lengthy, but it provides a thorough explanation. Please don't cut it short. The last part is the most important section.

(YouTube link) (Start at 3:00)

(YouTube link)

To summarize:
There is only one object, the Philosopher's Stone, still needed to rebuild the Temple, from the viewpoint of the Freemason - from the occultist viewpoint. The Philosopher's Stone is an ancient Hermetic Rosicrucian [occult] symbol. Albert Pike has said, "He who possesses the Philosopher's Stone possesses Truth, the greatest of all treasures, and is therefore rich beyond the calculation of man; he is immortal because Reason takes no account of death and he is healed of Ignorance --the most loathsome of all diseases."

These Luciferians believe that Truth is held by Lucifer, thus Lucifer's goal is to take the position of authority over all men, and declare that he is god. This Masonic christ will take his position of authority in an interfaith temple to rule over man.

Researcher and authority Buff Perry said, "The idea of that Temple is central to Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, and this there is no doubt. They have all expressed it, and the societies have let it be known. All of these arcane societies have let it be known, that this is really their goal."

This is contrasted with the Muslim Madhi, who plans to kill Jews and the people of the cross. This can be seen in many of the New Age writings as a purification of evil from the land. But in the end, Jesus Christ will appear and declare that He is Lord. (It surely doesn't look like a pre-trib rapture from this scenario.)

The last subject covered was the destiny of America. Based on research, Chris Pinto explains the use of the phoenix bird in the occult history of America. He explains that when the phoenix bird dies, it creates a particular type of worm. From this worm, the phoenix is reborn. This concept of a phoenix worm is found on a building in Europe (can't locate that building) and on the top of the pillars of the National Archives building in Washington, DC. Many researchers of the secret societies believe that there will be an end to America, thus bringing birth to a new world order.

Glenn's Broadcast from Israel
In this video, Glenn explains that the Temple Mount is an important symbol to three of the major religions of the world. He feels that this location is one of the next targets of radical Muslims and it must be stopped. What do you think he's implying - and what's that symbol on his cap?

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