Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Target the Real Culprits

by Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer
Arab Spring: The Israeli Factor - Article Excerpt

Understanding that Israel is comprised of two types of people is key to understanding Israel's role in the Middle East and subsequently their role in the recent "Arab Spring." The first are people who truly live in Israel, recognize it as their home and realize that perpetual militancy and aggression toward their neighbors is neither beneficial nor sustainable.

The second type consists of the same godless, self-serving lost humanity that have hijacked nations across the globe as part of the corporate-financier oligarchy's bid to institute world government. They are using Israel as a beachhead of sorts to project their agenda throughout the Middle East. Their actions, including the ongoing apartheid against the Palestinians and unilateral military aggression towards neighboring nations are not indicative of a nation interested in its own self-preservation.

Like the United States which is being bleed to death both literally and financially, those doing the bleeding in Israel are "globalist" in nature, who do not see borders and do not consider themselves to be of any particular religion, race, creed, or nationality. Such contrivances on their part, is merely political camouflage devised to lend them credibility when they otherwise have none. The whole world is their oyster, and the nation-state their plaything. Separating these two groups in Israel is essential in both understanding its role in the Middle East and helping to ensure those who truly consider it their home prevail against those maliciously using it for their own ends with the full intention of discarding it once they are done.

By perceiving Israel as a sort of "black capital" of a "Zionist empire," we carry water for the globalists in their bid to divide and conquer through preying on our petty prejudices. We also lump together and undermine those in Israel that are fighting against the globalists' exploitation of their nation and their people, who are just as lied to, misled, brainwashed, and manipulated as the people of America, the UK or Europe.

By understanding the Israeli factor and that those behind it are neither Israeli or Jewish, or even Zionist, we can understand it is but a gambit within a gambit towards building world empire, thus allowing us to move on to targeting the real culprits.