Monday, March 7, 2011

Rick Warren, Tony Blair Talk about Faith, Mideast, 9/11

(ChristianPost) Pastor Rick Warren and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair shared an evening conversation Sunday in front of more than 2,600 people about faith, the Middle East, globalization, and 9/11.

Speaking at the seventh Saddleback Civil Forum, Blair told Warren that he believes the most important issue in the long term is centered on faith. As diverse people are forced to live together, he said at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., the key question is, “How do we find common understanding?”

“Faith teaches you to understand there is something more important than yourself, which is an important principle in working toward a better world. If individuals can see people of faith in action, helping in support of others, it makes this process of globalization easier,” Blair said.

The former prime minister also said, “If faith doesn’t have a major role, then the risk is a process of globalization without values, without beliefs, without conviction.” (Read more)

Dumb quote of the night
“Interfaith dialogue doesn’t mean compromising your faith or finding the lowest common denominator, but explaining each other’s faith for better understanding.” Rick Warren