Monday, January 3, 2011

A Lamp in the Dark: Chris Pinto

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Christian Pinto is the founder of the Adullam Films Christian film ministry, whose documentaries focus on Bible prophecy, exposes truth about the founding of our country, and teaches on the New Age and Freemasonry. He produced the recent release titled The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers, as well as Megiddo I: The March to Armageddon, and Megiddo II: The New Age. I have several from his collection, and I have watched them over and over.

This film is extremely exhaustive with chapter titles: The Gospel Record; The Roman Church; Dominic and the Inquisition; The Pilgrim Church; John Wycliffe; The Great Reformation; William Tyndale; Tyndale to King James; Enter The Jesuits; and The King James Bible. It documents dates and sources from which it derives its information.

Through the DVD, you see how the Catholic and Protestant churches have been in a constant struggle. They interfered in the freedom to read the Bible and freedom of worship. People died at the the hands of the Catholics for minor offenses they declared as heresy. It should make us all aware of the dark history of the Catholic church, and beware of any alignment with them in the future.

Here's an excerpt:

(YouTube link) (Part 10)

(YouTube link) (Part 11)