Friday, January 7, 2011

The Dangers of Aspartame

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  • The FDA has received more complaints about adverse reactions to aspartame than any other food ingredient in the agency’s history.
  • There are over 90 registered side effects to this food supplement (42 are listed below).
  • Aspartame is the combination of two amino acids (phenylalanine and aspartic acid) and methanol.
  • These products are especially dangerous when heated.
  • Did you know some toothpastes even have Nutrasweet® in them? Protect yourself, read labels.
  • Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar, seems to stimulate the appetite.
  • There are over 5000 products containing aspartame as of 1995, the time the World Environmental Conference and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation met about aspartame and neurological symptoms.
  • As of 1994, 6,888 cases of adverse reactions had been reported to the FDA and included 75% of all non-drug complaints. [1]
Aspartame is a molecule composed of three ingredients, aspartic acid, 40% (an excitotoxin as an isolate, product that stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage), a methyl ester that immediately converts to methyl alcohol, (10%) then breaks down to formaldehyde and formic acid (ant sting poison), and 50% phenylalanine, as an isolate a neurotoxin that lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin triggering psychiatric and behavioral problems. The molecule breaks down to a witch’s brew of toxins including diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent that triggered brain tumors in original studies. This methanol production is hastened with heat. [2]

You may ask how a product like Aspartame and Equal would be permitted to remain on the market. You'll understand this once you learn the details about the NutraSweet company.

According to Wikipedia:
The NutraSweet Company makes and sells Nutrasweet, their trademarked brand name for the artificial sweetener aspartame, and Neotame. Aspartame was discovered in 1965 by James M. Schlatter, a chemist working for G.D. Searle and Company. Aspartame has gained regulatory approvals, after applying for fifteen years, permitting its sale in more than 100 countries. Despite losing market share in recent years to sucralose, the NutraSweet Company states that its product is used in more than 5,000 products and consumed by some 250 million people worldwide.
Robert B. Shapiro was Chairman and CEO of the Nutrasweet Company from 1982 to 1990. In March 2000, Monsanto, which was then a subsidiary of the Pharmacia private equity firm, sold NutraSweet to the private equity firm of J.W. Childs. This firm is known for hostile takeovers.
Based upon the public information provided, we know that:
  1. Pharmacia, the private equity firm that owns Monsanto and NutraSweet. The Greek word for "sorceries" is pharmacia. Some refer to pharmacia as "sorcery disguised as medicine."
  2. The spiral symbol used by NutraSweet is a commonly known occult symbol. [3]
  3. Monsanto is the leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed, responsible for the Terminator seed, the producer of Roundup, and will be responsible for the future environmental nightmare.[4]
  4. It is likely that J.W. Childs was interested in NutraSweet purely for the money, and it is likely that he has ties to the Illuminati.
Some diseases thought to be caused by Aspartame, NutraSweet® and Equal®?

Alzheimer's (accelerates)

Multiple Sclerosis signs

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Muscle cramps



Brain damage in fetus

Neurological disorders

Brain tumors


Burning tongue



Ovarian cancer

Death (occasionally)

Paranoia (esp. kid < 5 yrs.)

Extreme dizziness

Phenolketonuric  seizures

Fibromyalgia signs

Rage and violence

Gulf War Syndrome

Retinal deterioration


Shooting pains


Skin lesions

Immune dysfunction-lupus


Throat swelling

Joint pains


Memory loss


Vision changes

Mood changes


In July 2005, the most impeccable study ever done on aspartame (Ramazzini) confirmed what the FDA knew a quarter of a century ago, that aspartame is a multi-potential carcinogen triggering leukemia, lymphoma, kidney cancer and cancer of the peripheral nerves, especially the cranial nerves. Only the rats fed aspartame developed malignant brain tumors. Originally the FDA revoked the petition for approval because it could not be proven to be safe and triggered brain tumors. It also triggered mammary, uterine, ovarian, testicular, thyroid and pancreatic tumors. Unfortunately, once aspartame was approved no drug on the market could be considered safe because aspartame interacts with all drugs and vaccines. [5]

**Aspartame is an abortifacient and a teratogen. It also stimulates prolactin. It is an endocrine disrupting chemical. It changes the menses triggering infertility. Then if the consumer is off aspartame and gets pregnant she may lose the baby if she gets back.[6

When we get people off the aspartame, those with systemic lupus usually become asymptomatic.[7]

Some Foods Containing Aspartame, Nutrasweet or Equal:
Baked goods
Milk drinks
Breath mints
Nonprescription drugs
Cocoa mixes
Shake mixes
Coffee beverages
Soft drinks
Frozen desserts
Sugar-Free chewing gum
Gelatin desserts
Tabletop sweeteners
Instant Breakfast
Tea beverages
Instant teas
Juice beverages
Topping mixes
Wine coolers
Low fat diet food items
Low-sugar diet food items
 Plus 5000 items in the store!

In Steps Neotame 
According to

NutraSweet, a former Monsanto asset, has developed a new and improved version of this neurotoxin called Neotame. 
Neotame has similar structure to aspartame — except that, from it’s structure, appears to be even more toxic than aspartame. This potential increase in toxicity will make up for the fact that less will be used in diet drinks. Like aspartame, some of the concerns include gradual neurotoxic and immunotoxic damage from the combination of the formaldehyde metabolite (which is toxic at extremely low doses) and the excitotoxic amino acid. (
But surely, this product would be labeled! NOT SO!!! For this little gem, no labeling required. And it is even included in USDA Certified Organic food.

The food labeling requirements required for aspartame have now been dropped for Neotame, and no one is clear why this was allowed to happen. Neotame has been ruled acceptable, and without being included on the list of ingredients, for:
  • USDA Certified Organic food items.
  • Certified Kosher products with the official letter k inside the circle on labels. (Janet Hull)
Let me make this perfectly clear. Neotame does not have to be included in ANY list of ingredients! So, if you buy processed food, whether USDA Certified Organic or not, that food most likely will contain Neotame because it is cost-effective, and since no one knows it is there, there is no public backlash similar to what is happening with Aspartame. A win/win situation!

But that’s not all. Just love chowing down on that delicious steak? Well, that cow most likely will have been fed with feed containing… guessed it…..Neotame! A product called “Sweetos,” which is actually composed of Neotame, is being substituted for molasses in animal feed.
“Sweetos is an economical substitute for molasses. Sweetos guarantees the masking of unpleasant tastes and odor and improves the palatability of feed. This product will be economical for farmers and manufacturers of cattle feed. It can also be used in mineral mixture,” said Craig Petray, CEO, The NutraSweet Company, a division of Searle, which is a part of Monsanto. (Bungalow Bill)
Why would we feed animals food that is so distasteful that we would have to mask the unpleasantness with an artificial sweetener? Most animals will not eat spoiled, rancid feed. They know by the smell that it is not good. Enter Sweetos (Neotame). Just cover up the unpleasant tastes and odors, and you can feed them anything you want to, courtesy of the oh, so considerate folks at Monsanto and company.

But of course, Monsanto is no longer associated with NutraSweet. In the time-honored tradition of covering its assets, Monsanto has a proven track record of spinning off controversial portions of its company that generate too much scrutiny, such as it did with the Solutia solution.
Says the Farm Industry News, “Monsanto, which has long resided in the crosshairs of public scorn and scrutiny, appears to have dodged at least one bullet by spinning off its industrial chemical business into a separate entity called Solutia a couple of years ago. Solutia has since been hammered by lawsuits regarding PCB contamination from what were once called Monsanto chemical plants in Alabama and other states” (Source Watch)
So what is the solution to this problem? Buy local organic food, know your local farmer, and don’t buy processed foods whether they are labeled “Organic” or not. This requires a drastic change in lifestyle that most will not want to make. For those who choose to ride the wheel of chance by succumbing to this genocidal adulteration of our food supply by those who stand to profit from our sickness and early demise, my only comment is….it is your choice. But for those of us who have decided to fight this battle one bite at a time by hitting these sociopaths in the pocketbook where it hurts……viva la revolucion!