Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New World Order & the Universal Church

In the attempt to bring about a Universal Church, the revolutionary concept of Spiritual Diplomacy first came into being in 1991. Spiritual Diplomacy strives to build a bridge between countries, people, churches, and the souls with a view to minimize conflicts between countries. Their purpose is to achieve global harmony between nations [1] and develop guidelines for the Universal Church.

In doing so, Russian Communist Mikhail Morgulis has developed a plan to unite the religions of the world and to bring about the Universal Church. This 14-page document  details the benefits of the New World Order and explains the role of the coming one world governmant and the global church.

Some of the high points are:  
  • "We in Spiritual Diplomacy see the ultimate goal of the new order under the agenda of "world Peace" the elimination of human sin by reconditioning and recreating the nature of man." -pg 10
  •  The traditional religious views about the creation of the earth and who is responsible for maintaining it will be redefined within the new global church. The traditional view that God gave dominion over the earth to the humans he created will be rejected or modified to interpret that to be collective rather than individual. -pg12
  • The new church will direct their view of advancement of world culture by integrating what we call Pop Culture popular culture, and entertainment. The movie industry has and will continue to be more than entertainment but an attempt to create a new world art form to explore the possible future culture of a social order of machines, computers and man. A struggle to define and redefine the nature of man and his soul; who created man and what does his creator want. -pg 14
  • We do not see the new "Universal Church" as a collection of individuals who meet to worship a traditional personal God. We see the new church emerging from the same intellectual spirits that create and promote the New World Order.
The Church, as we know it, is coming to a close.