Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Face of Mystical Spirituality

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As you know, New Age spirituality is being accepted into the Church. Ray Yungen points out how meditation is the bridge between the non-mystical and the mystical experience. He also mentions the Kundalini experience, which has also been experienced by the Charismatic church today. 

In today’s neo-evangelical church, the term “transformation” is currently in style. Various churches and denominations claim to be undergoing “transformation.” This "transformation" is taking place with the assistance of New Age spirituality. The critical juncture is the bait and switch going on in neo-evangelical circles and New Age movement in relation to the Second Reformation. We must be very careful when people claim they are toting authentic Christianity, when it is also aligning with New Age/Theosophical practices. They are actually creating a counter revolution within the Church.