Thursday, November 18, 2010

Judge Napolitano: Obscene Intrusion

(YouTube link) (Begin at 3:35)

Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck discuss the new obscene screening procedures for air travel. Glenn believes there are 4 reasons why these measures are being passed. Not all of them are necessarily for the right reasons.
  1. This is the best way to protect us.
  2. It's an okay way to protect us, but Michael Chertoff (former Homeland Security head) and George Soros had 11,000 shares in the body scan company until two days ago. They're getting rich off of it.
  3. They are trying to get the people to rise up, so the top can come down (the gov't), and then they can squelch us.
  4. When the people rise up and say, "No scanner," there will then be a terrorist attack. It will then be blamed on those who stood up against the scanners. Obama will make it appear that we need his protection.