Monday, November 1, 2010

Jeremy Rifkin: "On the Brink of Our Extinction"

Jeremy Rifkin claims that agricultural, especially the beef industry, causes more global warming than all of the transportation industry.

He is really saying that we should all give up meat. If we are dying from our capitalistic affluence from eating grain-fed meat, then it's the natural progression to give it up for the good of all.

(YouTube link)

In part 2, he says that animal husbandry should be taxed, and we should go to a Mediterranean diet. This diet doesn't totally give up meat, but acts as a side dish, with vegetables, pasta, legumes, and grains being the main dish.

In part 3 he explains that we are beginning to enter a third industrial revolution, so we will have to begin to think differently as we gain a global consciousness. In a global community, everyone depends upon everyone else, where we no longer serve self interests. Sound like Communism to me.

There is a major flaw in this plan. Drought has not been figured into this equation. Perhaps this is part of their eugenics program.

What sort of world will this be in another 20 years? We can only ask, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"