Sunday, November 14, 2010

Glenn Beck says: "Yes, I can. Because I Am."

"For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." Matthew 24:5

Glenn at Liberty University giving the commencement speech.
In Glenn Beck's October 30th radio program, he told his audience something interesting. The dialogue is a little long, but I want you to get the full gist of what is being said.
"...I said something on stage that has been haunting me. And as I said it on stage, I told the audience, I said, I hope this haunts you. I hope this haunts you, and it haunted me. It is this phrase: I am - I am what?
The name "I am" is a name. It is the name of God. When Moses said, "Who shall I say sent me?" He said, "I Am that I Am." I believe and always have that taking the Lord thy God's name in vain means why in scriptures is I Am always capitalized? Because it is the name of God.
Thou shalt not take it in vain, that means be careful. Be careful of what you say you are. I am... blank. Because you will create it. It is the oldest battle known to man, the battle of I Am. And we were in it now. I am worthy. I am free. I am in charge. I am responsible. But this society, the whole global, the spooky new world order is telling you that's not true; you are not responsible, you are not capable, you are not free. Instead this system is teaching you this: I am not capable, I am not responsible, I am not able, I am not truly free. I am the collective.
That is a lie, and if the name of God is I Am; who shall I say is behind I Am Not? I know exactly where I'm supposed to stand, and I am going there.
The winning slogan for the presidential campaign in 2008 was Yes We Can. That will not be the winning slogan in 2012. If it is the winning slogan in 2012, the republic will die. Because that implies the collective. You must find yourself in a place to where you say "Yes, I can." We work together, but we are a collection, not a collective. We are a collection of strong, powerful individuals. The individual will lead. Yes, I can. Because I Am." [1]

On Glenn's 11/11 television show, he rattled off a similar dialogue. He was discussing the soon collapse of the economy and said that when the bottom drops out, we need to say,“Yes I Can - I AM” He wrote this phrase on the chalk board. He tells the viewers to repeat this phrase to themselves. [2] (20:30 on the counter)

This is Mormon doctrine, the teachings of the Word of Faith, and the New Age movement.

There is another well known person claiming "I AM," and she is preparing for a musical tour -Beyoncé Knowles.