Friday, October 1, 2010

World War III and the Power of Negative Confession

In the Word of Faith movement, it is taught that you never make a negative confession. They say that:
  • The tongue "can kill you, or it can release the life of God within you ... whether you believe right or wrong, it is still the law" (Capps).
  • There is power in "the evil fourth dimension" (Cho).
  • If you confess sickness you get it, if you confess health you get it; whatever you say you get" (Hagin).
  • "The spoken word ... releases power -- power for good or power for evil" (Bashan). 
Therefore, it is important to never speak anything negative but only to make a positive confession -- hence the name of the Positive Confession movement.

The view of those who scoff the Positive Confession is that instead of trust in God, it is a metaphysical force they trust. They have the view that God is not sufficient in Himself, but can only do what He does by using this universal faith-force in obedience to certain cosmic laws. In a sense, the words that are spoken are giving the believer the power of "the god they believe themselves to be." To some, they are more concerned with physical and material prosperity than with spiritual growth. Since Word of Faith have roots to groups like Christian Science, Science of Mind, New Thought, and Positive Mental Attitude that the New Age promote, some say all of their scriptural foundation is wrong.

My Dream
Last night I had the strangest dream. I know all dreams don't carry Truth or that they are direct messages from God, but this one has really made me think.

I'm not even certain what happened in the dream, but moments before I woke up I heard the words:

"Men saying there will be war, will help it to be so." 

After I woke up, I kept saying those words to myself, wondering exactly what it all meant. I quickly got up and wrote them down, knowing I'd forget them by morning. In that message, I felt it conveyed to me that saying it, will bring it into existence. My goodness, that's a negative confession (as it relates to war).

I asked myself, is that how Satan is trying to bring about the final steps of the world conspiracy? Could it be that if he can get as many people talking about a third world war, is it enabling the dark forces to bring it to fruition?

World War III
We know that John the Revelator, in the first century, had a vision of a final great war. But there have been several connected to occult practices who have seen a great third world war that will be played out. From  Nostradamus to George Washington and Edgar Cayce, their words have helped to fuel the fire and spread the negative word.

Let's broaden the subject a little. We also have people who have been called to inform others about the things they see happening in our country, and have looked into the past to locate the roots of such movements. Through these people, it is believed that evil is being brought into the light. The saying "the truth will find you out," is a statement that holds great Truth.

There are people like Glenn Beck who speak out of both sides of his mouth. He exposes the corrupt actions of others, but says that you shouldn't do anything about it. This attempts to hold back the conservative reaction, where for others it fuels the flame of revolution and war. He is doing us a great service, yet cushioning the blow for when the global government will take over for their evil cause.

So I had a conversation with myself:
"Where does this place me in this whole ball of wax? Aren't I doing the same thing? I do believe that God shows His people what lies ahead. My motives are good, but am I helping the other side by creating negative words that could possibly fuel the enemy's cause? If there is a true scriptural basis for a negative confession, am I helping the evil fourth dimension to bring about World War III? One that leads to terrible circumstances for true followers of Jesus?"

Taking a Break
I have revealed some heavy stuff on this blog. Some of the stuff I've learned, I wish I didn't know. They have changed the person I am, and have given me a totally different worldview. I find it difficult to belong to any organized Church, because of so many false teaching and the ultimate demise of the true Church.

At this point, I believe the Lord wants me to take a break. If it is for spiritual reasons, or the personal safety of myself and my family, or if it is for the reason stated above, I believe a break is called for.

I will leave the research I have posted, until I decide which direction I will take the blog.

Blessings to all of you,