Friday, October 29, 2010

Jeremy Rifkin: Spooky Dude #3

If there were ever a man who was part of the Illuminati, Jeremy Rifkin surely is. I say that because I have been reading a couple of his books, one written in the late 1970s, the other in the early 80s. The ideas put forth in these books are now being implemented. Glenn Beck calls George Soros a "spooky dude," but Rifkin has to be a close third, with Henry Kissinger being #2.

I first learned about Rifkin from Constance Cumbey's book A Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age 'Messiah.' She said that he was a New Ager who was interviewed by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, and promoted Rifkin's book. Cumbey wrote that "Robertson praised Rifkin's Entropy unpublished manuscript," which was part of a Bantam New Age book series. It examined the concept of a Year of Jubilee which Rifkin's viewed as "fundamental redistribution of wealth."  Cumbey stated that "One way Rifkin says we will have the moral courage to make this changeover or voluntary redistribution of wealth is through a new metaphysical orientation - a new world view."

Rifkin's new worldview called for voluntary poverty, simplicity, communal sharing, a reduction in the world's population, etc. When this interview was originally broadcasted, she said it didn't appeal to the CBN or TBN crowd, being heavy into the wealth and prosperity doctrine. The fact is that he has a goal of changing the world's economic system to facilitate the coming paradigm shift.

Rifkin has become the principal architect of the Third Industrial Revolution. This is based on the premise that we are at the end of the Industrial Age, which has caused our earth to run out of natural resources. It is a long-term economic sustainability plan to address the challenge of the global economic crisis, energy security, and climate change. It will be a Green Industrial Revolution. Remember these books were written over 30 years ago.

As you may know, apocalyptic prophecies are a common theme in mind control cultism. His vision of an approaching collapse of civilization has been in the making for a while. He also spoke about a “transformation.”  The word was used to describe a planned, intentional “Second Reformation” (now called “New Apostolic Reformation”). An early proposal for a “Second Protestant Reformation” appeared in The Emerging Order. He wrote that it "could provide the kind of liberating force that could topple the prevailing ethos and provide a bridge to the next age of history."  It was as though it were a blueprint for the Evangelical movement.

I you are new to my blog, 
"The New Apostolic Reformation is a movement in Protestant Christianity largely associated with the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. The basic thesis asserts that God is restoring the lost offices of church governance, namely the offices of Prophet and Apostle. The New Apostolic Reformation has Pentecostal and Charismatic origins, with those traditions' interpretations of the nature of the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit within a believer. Unlike mainstream Protestant Christianity, these include the performance of miracles (such as healing), prophecy, and the direct revelation of Christ to each believer.

Although the movement regards the Church as the true body of saved believers, as most Evangelical Protestants do, it differs from the broader Protestant tradition in its view on the nature of church leadership, specifically the doctrine of Five-Fold Ministry, which is based upon a non-traditional interpretation of Ephesians 4:11."[1]
Who is Jeremy Rifkin?
Jeremy Rifkin is founder and president of the Foundation On Economic Trends, an American economist, writer, public speaker, political advisor and activist. Rifkin's work explores the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment. He is an intellectual thinker and is a futurist.

He holds a degree in international affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Jeremy Rifkin is the founder and chairperson of the Third Industrial Revolution Global CEO Business Roundtable, comprising more than 100 of the world's leading renewable energy companies, construction companies, architectural firms, real estate companies, IT companies, power and utility companies, and transport and logistics companies.

Now, this is where the rubber meets the road. Rifkin has advised both the European Commission and the European Parliament. He has also advised Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of Spain during its presidency of the European Union. Rifkin also served as an adviser to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister Jose Socrates of Portugal, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and Prime Minister Janez Janša of Slovenia, during their respective European Council Presidencies, on issues related to the economy, climate change, and energy security. [2]

Rifkin and his ideas are not without controversy. He is the author of seventeen books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society and the environment. He advocates a new type of economic thinking. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages and are used in hundreds of universities, corporations and government agencies around the world. Rifkin is one of the highest rated speakers on the international lecture circuit on the topics of globalization, sustainability and shifting to a new energy era and low-carbon economy. [3]

The following is a series of unrelated videos in Rifkin's own words. 

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"It will mean nothing unless there is a change in will." What will be used to change our will?

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Change through fear and mind control.

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The Third Industrial Revolution
Rifkin has been quoted saying:
“We are on the cusp of a new energy era and a new economic paradigm that will literally “empower” hundreds of millions of human beings to create their own energy and share their surpluses with neighbors across regions, nations and continents. The democratization of energy gives rise to a new Distributed Energy Vision in the 21st century that will change our economic, cultural and political institutions as dramatically as the Enlightenment vision that accompanied the first industrial revolution two centuries ago.

According to Rifkin, “the same design principles and smart technologies that made possible the internet and vast “distributed” global communication networks, are just beginning to be used to reconfigure the world’s power grids so that people can produce renewable energy and share it peer-to-peer, just like they now produce and share information, creating a new, decentralized form of energy use.”

He says, “We need to envision a future in which millions of individuals can collect and produce locally generated renewable energy in their homes, offices, factories, and vehicles, store that energy in the form of hydrogen, and share their power generation with each other across a continent-wide intelligent intergrid.” [4]
Why are they doing this? They would say it will save the people who live on this planet, but it's all about money, power, and control.