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God in America: A New Eden - Part 2 - A Must See!

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Faith of Our Founding Fathers
There has been opposing viewpoints concerning the faith of our founding fathers. Although this PBS video does not fully address this topic, it does not support the idea that they were Christian. One spokesman for Boston University said that Jefferson was, "Spiritual, but not religious."

Some are led to believe that being Christian merely requires that you believe in God. This is far from the truth! Each of the founding fathers all believed in God, but none of them professed a biblical faith in Jesus Christ.

This is the same conclusion drawn by the producers of the new DVD, "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers." Historians have done little to hide the fact they were not Christian, but for some reason a lie has been propagated for many years to lead people to believe that they all had faith in Christ.

As you know, America was founded on the concept of religious freedom. As you watch parts 1 and 2 of the PBS presentation, you will see how and why the Freedom of Religion was added to the Constitution. You will come to understand that in the light of the events of this time, particularly the influence the revivals placed on the era (end of part 1), it behooved the revolutionary effort to defend this concept of religious freedom. Personal faith, being born again with an intimate level with God, was not part of the established Anglican state religion of the time. Other faiths were being persecuted, and Jefferson's legal mind believed that the government should not be disentangled with the personal faith of its citizens. Adding the Freedom of Religion benefited the founding fathers, in order to gain the full support of the people. 

Christianity was an important part of the strength and stability of our nation, but you may still question why this misconception of the founders has continued. When you consider that the lie about the faith of our founding fathers has been primarily used to propagandize homeschool and Christian books, perhaps there is a direct reason. Could it be the tool Dominionists have used to try to eventually strong-arm our country into creating another revival to establish their Kingdom Now? This is the history of the Christian Nationalism movement and those involved.

Information included in "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers."

1) Thomas Paine - the man who inspired the American Revolution by his writings. His book, Age of Reason, reflected his anti-Christian views, and much of what the other founders truly believed.

2) Thomas Jefferson - author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson said the Book of Revelation was "the ravings of a maniac," and was called "the reviler of Christ" and after his private letters were published.

He was, at least early in life, an Episcopalian. Like John Adams, he shared many of the views of Unitarians, including their criticism of many orthodox Christian beliefs. Jefferson was a great admirer of Jesus for his  ethical teachings to be superior to all others, but he regarded such basic Christian doctrines as the deity of Christ, the resurrection, the Trinity, miracles, and the authority of Scripture as the "deliria of crazy imaginations." These views were shared in the letters between Adams and Jefferson in their later years, and in his edited version of the Bible. He was a man of reason, and miracles were not reasonable.

3) Benjamin Franklin - the only man to sign all of the original founding documents. Franklin was part of a radical occult group known as "The Hellfire Club" in England that took part in satanic rituals, which may have included human sacrifice. This is speculated, since several bodies were found under his house in Philadelphia.

4) John Adams -- the second President of the United States. The evidence shows that Adams was not a Christian, but rather exalted pagan beliefs about God, while abhorring the Gospel, calling it an "awful blasphemy."

5) George Washington - known as the "Father of our country." Three of Washington's own pastors doubted his faith in Christ. Proof is shown that he went to war, not for Christianity, but for a "universal" system that would embrace all religions. When compelled by the clergy to confess his faith in Christ, since he would not take communion, Washington refused.

6) George Washington and the Jesuits - Generally powerful historic evidence shows that George Washington worked with Jesuits to prevail against their England. In all of his memoirs and letters, he never mentioned his faith in Christ. Preachers of his time tried to get him to make a profession of faith, but he never would. He is believed to have died a Catholic in his last days of life.

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7) David Barton's America: David Barton, who has been on Glenn Beck's program, misquotes and takes out of context many of the founders personal quotes. He makes it appear as if they supported Christianity, when it is provable that they did not. He gives the same presentation to churches, spreads propaganda, and is clearly a fraud.

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