Friday, October 15, 2010

Glenn Beck: 'Let There Be Stuff'?

Sounding alarm on dangers of environmental extremism that is entering into the Church. It manipulates the Bible to move the green agenda.

(Fox News link)

"The God of Ancient Babylon was Baal...Ancient Babylon and the Tower of Babel...the king said basically, "You know what? We're all going to be one. It's the first Socialism - Totalitarianism. The God of Ancient Babylon, Baal, was the god of weather, war, and commerce. The reason why is that he who controls the weather, then can make money from the plantings, and can also wage war (because he can control the weather). This is the same god! The environmentalists are now worshiping the ancient god of Babylon! The god of weather! They are saying, "You've got to worship the god of weather! That way there won't be war, and there will be commerce, and we can all live. It's repeating itself from the very beginning." ~ Glenn Beck