Saturday, September 4, 2010

Glenn Beck and the Occult Meaning of 8/28

Glenn Beck's rally on August 28, at the foot of the Abraham Lincoln memorial may have been a coincidence. Then again, maybe it wasn't. Here is a listing of historical events that occurred on 8/28:

1917 (Aug  28):     Ten suffragists Are Arrested As They Picket
                               The White House.

1945 Aug  28        Jackie Robinson Signs with Brooklyn Dodgers'

1955 Aug  28        The Murder of Emmett Till (black boy murdered
                                for whistling at white woman).

1963 Aug  28        Martin Luther King, Jr. Delivers "I Have a Dream"

1963 Aug  28        The Career Girls Murders (Black man accused of
                               killing two whites. Led to Miranda Decision).

1964 Aug  28         Philadelphia Race Riot of 1964.

1984 Aug  28        Stevie Wonder Releases "The Woman in Red".

1996 Aug 28         Bill Clinton accepts 2nd Presidential Nomination
                               of the Democratic Party.

1996 Aug  28        Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorce.

The psychopathic Satanists believe that staged events on certain dates carry with them a higher likelihood of success. 8/28 = 8+2+8 = 18. Eighteen divided by three = 666.

Almost all of the events listed, have something to do with race relations between whites and blacks. Some of the events were positive, others were negative. This brings us back to the Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial:

1. Glenn Beck's rally, from an occult standpoint, was designed to hurt race relations. The very fact that it was held on Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, in the very same location (Lincoln Memorial), was designed to increase hostility between the races.

2. Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, was a keynote speaker at the event. Glenn Beck stated it was "Divine Providence" that chose the date, not himself.  "Divine Providence" is another term for the Illuminati symbol, the "All Seeing Eye", which represents Lucifer. So, Beck was stating that the Illuminati, not himself, selected the date.

3. Sharpton's anti-Beck rally demonstrates that the Illuminati control both sides of the argument and wanted this rally to divide America along racial lines. It was meant to offend blacks.

4. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of both Glenn Beck and Fox News, is a major proponent of the Fascist side of the New World Order. He represents the right in the left-right paradigm of the Illuminati. Their are only two camps in the Illuminati, Fascism and Communism. Sharpton represents the Communist half and Beck represents the Fascist half.

5. Sarah Palin has been accused of being an MK-Ultra creation, as evidenced by the ruby slippers she wears in the above photograph. The Illuminati always follow the Nimrod (Fascist Demagogue-Alpha Male) and Semiramis (sex kitten) script in their entertainment. Nimrod was the ancient ruler that built the Tower of Babel (confusion), and an avowed enemy of God. Semiramis was his sexually decadent wife.

The Egyptians (Osiris/Isis), the Romans, the Israelites (Baal and Ashtorah) all worshiped after the Babylonian manner with the Nimrod/Semiramis adventure plays a major part in their culture and entertainment.

6. The Illuminati have agitated for a race war in this country for the latter part of the twentieth century. With the coming economic collapse, and the fomenting of racial hatred through events like 8/28, they might soon get their wish.

7. Obama is just another tool to create this rift. Although he is just another tool from the Communist side of the Illuminati, he will also be the scapegoat for all of our current economic woes. He is not their to heal any rifts between the races, only to broaden the divide. Without doubt, the Illuminati will dispose of him in a manner reminiscent of Martin Luther King, when they feel it will be the most beneficial to their aims.

We need to wake up to the reality of this Satanic manipulation and not let it consume us with hatred for other races. Our hatred should be directed at the puppet masters and Satanic Psychopaths and their attempts to stir up our anger one towards the other.