Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Dark Side of Dominion Theology

"We are approaching a season of crisis, and in a season of crisis, the strategies of heaven must invade your sphere of authority. What does this mean?You have been positioned by God in a particular sphere of authority.

You must understand your sphere and know how to operate in it with others. This sphere is where you are watching the formation of your "new."

My favorite definition of a sphere is "a circuit of action, knowledge or influence that is linked both to the functional area of your involvement and to every territory that is affected by you exercising authority." Within this expanse is an order of society that you can influence.

There is much about war that we do not understand. War always involves casualties, and, at the same time, divine interventions of which we're unaware. Sometimes war makes no sense to us. Yet, war is a part of life. And as we face the unfolding war that lies ahead in both the natural and the spiritual realms...

He blesses the works of our hands. He fills us with revelation. He gives us each a boundary and says, "Take dominion! The war is over your taking dominion!"" Chuck Pierce, Charisma Magazine, May 2010