Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Modern Education System

(YouTube link)

I'm sorry for the last few scenes in this clip. I believe it gets the point across though, since both women and men have come to accept these scenes as normal.

I want to comment on something I overheard a man say on the airplane to Alaska. He was seated in front of me, and he was speaking to the man beside him. I don't know what his political position was, but I assumed that he was an educator. He explained that money in the education system is no longer concentrated on the high achievers, as it was in the past. The bulk of the money is being given to the education of the slow students in the public education system. One might think, "Well, that's wonderful!" But after you watch this video, you'll see why it's being given to them, and not our future scientists, computer engineers, and mathematicians. They feel that the indoctrination of a nation has first priority.