Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frank Weston Sanford: Spiritual Warfare & Prayer Walking

Frank Weston Sandford was a predecessor to William Branham and the modern Latter Rain apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation, having many ‘third wave’ ideas before his time including spiritual warfare and the restoration of the church and modern Apostles.

Frank Sandford demanded unquestioning obedience to him, “God’s prophet,” for the sake of unity.  He explained this obedience to him as trusting God to work though him, and it was thus spun as obedience to God really and not him – which was most deceitful and unbiblical, but it worked real well. This bad theology could always be turned against any Frank Sandford dissenters, so they were the ones lacking faith in GOD for not trusting the leader and the prophet GOD had appointed – and/or they were demonized with a rebellious spirit. The focus was turned away from the leader onto God, so he was literally as God to the people. And any questioning about Sandford was also deemed rebellion against God and not him personally. [1]

Spiritual Warfare, unlike how it is presented within the Charismatic church, is NOT a new concept or practice. Here are some key facts about spiritual warfare, prayer walking and identification repentance that the "third wave" church do NOT want their followers to know.

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