Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Climate Change Used as Excuse For Population Control

(Canada Free Press) The major target for the Club of Rome was a population that was improving quality of life, health and the pursuit of happiness. It argued this was achieved by unsustainable exploitation of resources and destruction of nature.

As they explain; “If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production, and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limit to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next one hundred years.”

It’s 40 years on and the predicted end is nowhere in sight despite efforts to amplify, distort and falsify evidence. It is wrong like all other predictions made by members of the Club, especially the population predictions of Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren. In 1971, Ehrlich recommended reducing the US population from its then 205 million because it was unsustainable. Despite this, pursuit of Club goals is more active as members control national and international finances and economies, hold political offices, or work through many private agencies under the guise of saving the planet. It is not a conspiracy, but pursuit of a political philosophy that has failed everywhere and anywhere it was tried. (Read more)