Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sharia Law & Catholic Canon Law - Part 1

Yesterday I posted a compilation of YouTubes on Sharia Law and how it is affecting Great Britain, and how it could affect the legal system in the United States. While watching these news reports you may have noted that Sharia Law is being promoted by the Democrats. What does Sharia Law have to do with the one world religion?

Canon Law is the Christian counterpart to (Jewish) Halakha, Hindu Law, and Sharia Law. Concordats, an agreement between the pope and a government for the regulation of church affairs, through Roman Catholic version of Canon Law, to influence the lives of the Church. The Canon Law is sometimes called the "pontifical law," "sacred law" or divine law." They believe it is created for the well-being of souls. 

During the Concordat with Hitler:
"...the National Socialist regime’s acceptance of the Code of Canon Law, which the Vatican had enacted in 1917. The Code gave the Holy See control over the appointment of bishops and other prelates, and ensured that it had the final word in matters of Church policy and doctrine. The Code’s main architect, Eugenio Pacelli (later Pius XII), believed that its implementation was necessary to ensure the Church’s unity and survival in the twentieth century. According to John Cornwell, the main purpose of the Code was to enlarge the pope’s control of the Church, including his power to suppress dissent."  Edward Bell, Brescia University College, "Catholicism and Democracy: A Reconsideration"

Is it plausible that Sharia Law could be brought to the U.S.? Yes, the Fascist government that is being put in place can use Sharia Law as a means of control.

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