Monday, May 31, 2010

Gays in the Military: Divide & Conquer

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"The hidden agenda behind allowing gays to serve openly is to undermine the Armed Forces. Proselytizing/predatory gays represent an enemy within. Straight men do not wish to live in close quarters with gay men. Is anyone concerned about their rights?

Straight men do not wish to face an external enemy while at the same time fending off sexual overtures from the rear.

Homosexuals will gain rank and use it to extort sexual favors. Discipline and morale will decline. The ranks will divide along gay-straight lines as straights repel unwanted attention. Homosexuality is all about seducing straight men.  Google "straight men" and see what you find...

...The Illuminati represent a Luciferian (satanic) principle which upsets everything that is natural and healthy using a spurious argument of "equal rights."  Of course,  human rights apply only to tiny minorities as a means of subverting the majority. The majority is being robbed of their rights (and everything else.)

Things that are deviant cannot be treated as normal without doing immense damage to the normal.

Henry Makow, What's Wrong With Gays in the Military? 

Notice the manner in which General Sheehan is being questioned. The panel has already made its mind up.