Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Fourth Reich

Joseph Farrell is an alternative historian who has uncovered information that was declassified about Nazi Germany. As you know, Hitler's war machine was stopped after WWII, but the Nazi Party lives on today. The party's post-war plan to was to control the worlds of science, finance, space, and conflict. Their advanced technology was brought to the United States, by way of the Nazi scientists, under a program called Project Paperclip. Farrell compiled this information and discloses it in his books and interviews. He can also be found on YouTube.

In this interview, Mr. Farrell reveals how this Nazi machine has entwined itself into our worlds of science, finance, space, and U.S. military in the world. He talks about the Nazi's money and U.S. banks, the Bilderburg globalist organization, and he states the international headquarters are still based in Germany today.

YouTube Link (Go to 1:16:18 on the counter, then watch until the end)

For a list of Bilderburg participants

This is an important video to watch. It will help bring lose ends together.