Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mary: A Symbol of Unity Between the Faiths

"For the Muslim clergyman, Mary is “the best woman ever, here (on earth) and in eternity” for “she's above all women”, a symbol of unity between the two faiths." AsiaNews.it

It is becoming more and more evident that we're being set up for Mary worship. What follows is an example of how Mary is being revered, and the way the political powers will attempt to unite the religions of the world.

 Flag of the European Union

 The halo around Mary's head is often seen as 12 stars.
The European Union’s flag consists of 12 stars, inspired by the halo of 12 stars that appear around the Madonna in Catholic pictures of her. A former secretary general of the Council of Europe, Leon Marchal, affirmed that the stars are those of “the woman of the Apocalypse.” Enthusiastically he explained, “It’s wonderful that we have gotten back to the Introit of the new Mass of the Assumption. It’s the corona stellarum duodecim (the crown of the twelve stars) of the woman of the Apocalypse.”This is a reference to the woman in Revelation 12 who appears with a crown of 12 stars. The Catholic Church has always claimed that she represents the virgin Mary, “the mother of God.”" [1]
This would explain the continuing apparitions of Mary. They could be demonic, or they are being projected.